1. What is a School Management System ? How does it work?
A School Management System is a cloud based ERP platform that enables institutions to simplify & streamline the process of student data management. It helps them compile & store the information on a centralized platform for seamless access. It enables faculty, administrators, students, and parents to collaborate & keep a tab on institutional information & student performance efficiently.
2. What is the purpose of School Management System?
A School Management System enables the faculty & educators to compile, store, and manage entire student data at a centralized location. Right from managing online admission details to fee details, hostel, student attendance, and much more, the School Management System keeps track of the complete student lifecycle & fosters better productivity.
3. What are the benefits of implementing School Management System?
The following list depicts the key benefits of implementing School Management System.
  • Simplifying online admission process
  • Complete student data management
  • Centralized platform with role-based access & security
  • Collaboration between administrators, students, teachers & parents
  • Tracking administrative & non-administrative activities
4. How to choose the best School Management System software for an education institution?
While choosing the School Management System, always ensure it is integrated with the following factors-
  • Streamlining daily activities
  • User-friendly & intuitive platform
  • Cloud-based platform with data security
  • Better communication & collaboration
  • Enhanced speed of daily operations
  • Maintains 100% data privacy
  • Easy-to-implement platform
  • Trustworthy ERP vendor with the best support